How to write Relevant Press Releases


Writing a press release is an expert’s job. Though it seems that anyone who knows how to right correct English can do the job, yet only a trained professional can do justice to this simple looking task, when observed in the light of outcome of the publicity campaign.

What to do first?  

Make sure that you are at a place where your publicity campaign can be handled professionally, a place which will not only assist you to develop a suitable message but will make sure that you get the services at an affordable price.  which seems to fulfill the criteria discussed above can be the right place to be at.  Press release distribution should be used to avail expert advice and services at a reasonable price. 

Things to keep in mind

One story will only start the process and remember that publicity is a continuous process. Therefore, try to bring one or two worthy stories every month. It will increase your credibility. It is obvious that only a well written message will work. There should not be a single mistake in the write up and therefore it is advisable that the story should go through proofreading atleast twice before it is published.

How to make it relevant?

Beating around the bush is the basic problem which comes to fore if it is not written by an expert. It is supposed to be to the point. But at the same time it should not look like a boring text from a book of facts and informations. It should be creative enough to hold the imagination of the reader. The language is better if kept simple. It is advisable to use the conversational language. 

Apart from the language format is also of great importance. The title should provide an idea about the content. There should be no contradiction in your message. Put facts and figures to prove your point and not to overwhelm the reader.

The introduction must be interesting and informative. The summary part should not be too lengthy. It should convey the essence in a few words.


Don’t deviate from the theme of your message. An expert will help you best to keep your press release relevant and result oriented.


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