How to Leverage Your Press Release Every Time

Good press release can be an asset for your company. If it is written well, it will create interest in business. Besides creating interest in business, it can be used for building credibility. Well written press release will surely help you in sustaining your name and product in the market. It may help you to get through the challenging economy.

As it is specifically written for press readers, due consideration should be given while writing it for them. Press only publish news worthy item, therefore it should be like a great story cable of invoking interest among readers. It should have interesting angles so that it will stand out from other releases.

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Your news release can be on various business aspects. There are some concepts with the help of which you can turn your press release into news stories. Some interesting press release concepts are as follows:

  • More products for sale.
  • Starting your business.
  • Business contests which you are planning.
  • Any business award received by your organization.
  • Offering free gifts and free items.
  • Special discounts and benefits.


These are some newsworthy items on which you can write. Credibility will help you in building rapport among customers which in turn may bring more business to you.  

While writing a press release for your readers, you can follow these simple steps: 

  • Explore: First, you have to sort out the customer’s interested resource with which they are attached. It can be a website, a newsletter, a magazine or a newspaper. In order to sort out this issue, you can ask customers about their preferences. For more relevant information, you can conduct a survey.


  • Media: After writing your release or article, you can explore various media outlets which are capable of handling these releases.


Once it is published, you can leverage it. You can distribute it to the expected customers for getting more business.


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